In This Video I Will Dramatically Raise and Lower My Heart Rate in Minutes of Rhythmic Breathing



We are told that we can not alter our physiology. This is untrue. I show you in this video that you can raise and lower your heart rate by 30-50 bpm in 1 minute or less and activate your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Over time if you train in this properly you can learn to control your energy levels and healing response in body and mind!

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Anyone can do what I did in the above video if you know the breathing sequence. I will teach you this and more in my 30-day online course in which you will learn the science and art of deliberate respiration, a series of measured breathing rhythms and energy locks which you can utilize anytime, anywhere to unlock your body's own healing mechanisms and chemistry.

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Energy Locks

When you learn to use your pelvic floor muscle you can increase your heart rate. This will increase your body temperature, activate your sympathetic nervous system and give you a natural shot of adrenaline.

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Extending Your Exhale

When you slow down the rate of your exhale you lower your heart rate and you build up levels of CO2 in your bloodstream. Doing this will dilate your blood vessels and open up your artery ways. Vasodilation reduces blood pressure and increases blood flow and the activation of your parasympathetic nervous system.

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Influence Your Physiology

Your breath has a direct influence on your mind and body. When you learn to optimize your breath you can optimize your your physiology. Each time you breath you are triggering a series of actions and reactions. Apply the right breath and you can influence these actions and reactions to work for you. By using your breath you can unlock your full human potential!

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