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Steve Whitney

SOMA Breath Master Instructor

Steven Whitney is one of SOMA Breath’s Master Instructors and one of the most experienced facilitators and coaches. Steven teaches students how to use their breath to tap into their true potential, relax their minds, release limiting beliefs and how to optimize their physical and mental health.

After Steven dove deep into the power of pranayama and meditation he discovered how life transformational it really is. From deep depression to alive he awakened to his true potential. After guiding others to awaken to their true power he discovered his soul's purpose, to share this with the world. 

Steven has spent the last 2 years training on a holistic island in Thailand that specializes in bringing the best teachers from around the world for yoga, meditation, pranayama and tantra. It is now time for Steven to come back to America and share this powerful technique!


SOMA Breath combines the ancient wisdom of Pranayama with modern day science to awaken dormant powers of your mind, while supercharging and purifying your blood and nervous system for more energy, vitality and increase your magnetic power of attraction, optimizing your physcial and mental health.

Journey within to tune in with your intuition and lead a life of inspired action.

Activate Intuition

Boost metabolism, get a shot of adrenaline and release seratonin to elevate your mood.

Boost Energy Levels

Calm yourself down and learn to control your nervous system to gain resilience to stress.

Melt Away Stress

Break free from limiting beliefs that hold you back from living life to your fullest potential.

Break Free 

Raise your vibrational frequency and put the law of attraction to work for you.

Raise Your Vibe 

Get your creative juices flowing and focus your energy to bring your visions to form.

Find Your Flow


I am a SOMA Master Breathwork Instructor offering additional guidance during your self-discovery journey of the breath. Choose an offering that best suits your needs at this time.