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Are You Excelling In Some Aspects Of Your Life but Declining in Others?
Feels  like there is something holding you back from accomplishing your biggest dreams and life goals.
Looking to reach the Next Level of Health, Mindset, Stress Reduction and Passion? It is Steven's job to help you create the changes within yourself so can see changes outside yourself.
Using a foundation of ancient breathing practices combined with modern music technology and focus points on mind, body and emotions you will begin unlocking your full potential.

1:1 Coaching

Learn To Achieve Greatness

If you are already a high-performer in your field and looking to breakthrough plateaus, step fully into your power and unlock deeper levels of happiness and fulfilment, then you may be a candidate for 1:1 coaching.

SOMA Breath 21 Day Awakening Protocol

Led By SOMA Master Instructor Steve Whitney

Supercharge Your Mind, Body & Spirit And Call In Your True Life's Purpose In This 21 Day Virtual Retreat
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Breathe With Steve

Hi, I'm Steve Whitney I am a SOMA Breath Master Instructor and Teacher Trainer. I specialize in the science of breath, mind and body. I have trained 1,000 students through the SOMA Breath training program and guided thousands of people to step back into their power and live in optimal states of flow! I take a different approach to coaching. Rather than treat breathwork as a one size fits all approach I customize protocols incorporating the full holistic system. I teach you how it works and how to use it so you can become self sustainable! You are your own guru! 

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Free Breathwork Meditation

Getting Clear on WHAT your need or want to excel in your health and life is one of the first steps to Achieving Greatness! Try this energizing breathwork meditation (creating your reality) and get started optimizing your mind and body! 

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